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Children of Alcoholics: The Long-Term Adverse Effects

ContentPrevalence of abuse#3 Mental Health DisordersMarital and Family FunctioningTrusted & Approved Addiction Treatment CenterYou have a higher risk of developing AUD yourself As a result, children of alcoholics may carry emotional damage with them into...

Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA

ContentGlobal wine consumptionFamily and Children's ProgramsOnline TherapyAlcohol use disorderTreatmentAlcohol Use Disorder Symptoms Some common signs and symptoms of cirrhosis include fatigue, itchy skin, weight loss, nausea, yellow eyes and skin, abdominal pain and swelling or...

Alcoholic Polyneuropathy Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

ContentUnderstanding and treating alcoholic neuropathyHow to Treat Alcoholic NeuropathyChoose Recovery Over AddictionOutlook of Alcoholic NeuropathyTreatment ProcessSymptoms of Alcoholic Neuropathy But if you have developed neuropathy as a result of alcohol use, it's important to stop...