Agile Coaching Skills Certified Facilitator ACS-CF

You can also participate in online or in-person facilitation games, exercises, or challenges that will test your skills and challenge your assumptions. As the implementation of Agile is high in companies nowadays, the Agile coaching market is also growing tremendously. The Agile coach or facilitator plays an important role in managing the entire team of Agile consisting of an iteration manager, Scrum Master, Kanban coach, Scrum coach, and more. He/She aims to assist the whole Agile team in increasing the productivity of the team.

agile team facilitation

Learn the mindset required for the Agile Team Facilitator and gain an understanding of the paradigm shift that must occur to be successful in this collaborative environment. Understand how the Agile Team Facilitator is a role model for the team by exemplifying the Agile principles. Review the strategies required to be a servant leader and models for achieving self-awareness. Coaches focus on both hard (processes, structures) and soft (mindsets, culture) components of organizational Agile adoption. Scrum Masters facilitate their team’s Scrum events like Sprint Planning and retrospectives.

IC Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) – Classroom

Successful Agile implementation can’t be done without the effective work of an Agile team facilitator bringing together the experience and know-how of each member of the team. For the success of any organization, there should be an involvement of the people and good facilitation can win the minds and hearts of the people. Different kinds of people work in an organization with different views but better facilitation can encourage the people to think differently regarding the topics of Agile transformation. Moreover, it helps to push those obstructions out of the way and clear the path to make Agile-based transformations in the enterprises. Besides, it lets you generate faster outcomes by building a bridge to fill the current gaps. Quick facilitation leads to stronger bridges and opens a lot of opportunities within the organization.

agile team facilitation

Relevant roles include ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers, Agile Coaches, aspiring coaches, Product Owners, Business Analysts, and anyone with the desire to explore the power of facilitation. Its efficacy rests heavily on well-executed facilitation to steer teams toward their goals. What technique you use depends on your goals, so think like agile team facilitator and set goals, choose your practice, and prepare for your meeting! You’ll see how using agile facilitation techniques helps your team communicate and collaborate for an even better Agile experience. While Agile’s goal is to keep meetings collaborative and engaging, that’s certainly not always the reality.

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Acting as a coach, the Agile Team Facilitator evaluates team dynamics and addresses any interpersonal challenges, conflicts, or alignment issues hampering effectiveness. Blending psychology with facilitation, this role unlocks teams’ potential. By addressing group dynamics and conflict, they transform disjointed groups into high-performing teams. Liberating Structures are designed to embrace distributed control and include a fairer, larger number of people in shaping the next steps.

agile team facilitation

When facilitating a session, the facilitator is the holder of the process and the team holds the content. The facilitator must maintain neutrality to not unduly influence team decisions. They must make sure that the event is organized to encourage collaboration. This includes the physical setup, meeting organization tools, and driving collaborative conversations.

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